GTranslate review: The simplest WordPress translation solution.

Fastest and automated WordPress translation solution – GTranslate review – SEO friendly automated website translation with language hosting.

GTranslate is by far the easiest and quickest translation solution for multilingual website. It has a lot of features. I tested it and compared to other translation services like WPML, Biblico

GTtranslation features as per original website:

  1. The first main feature and difference is that all HTML websites are supported not only WordPress websites.
  2. GTranslate is online search engine friendly – You will have a different URL for each language. Http:// This will permit you to have a much better multilingual SEO method.
  3. Online search engine indexing – Online search engine will index your translated pages. Consumers will have the ability to discover products or services you offer by browsing in their native language.
  4. GTranslate translation editing – You will have the ability to modify the translations by hand with our inline editor straight from the context.
  5. GTranslate automatic translation – You will have your internet site translated quickly upon setup. Bing and Google supply automated translations free of charge.
  6. GTranslate language hosting – You can have a different domain for each language. will rank greater on search engine results in Spain.
  7. GTranslate use statistics – You can see your translation traffic and a variety of translations on your control panel.
  8. GTranslate smooth updates – There is no requirement to look for software application updates and install them. We appreciate additional updates. You simply delight in the current service every day.
  9. GTranslate url translation – The URLs of your internet site will likewise be translated which is extremely essential for multilingual SEO. You will have the ability to customize the translated URLs.

GTranslate yearly pricing as 2021 (there is a monthly option as well):

There are actually only 2 options that interest me:

  1. STARTUP for $179.90
  2. BUSINESS for $279.90

The ENTERPRISE option for $ 379 additionally only includes “Language Hosting” (you can have languages ​​in your domain name on different local domains to rank higher in local search engine results (e.g., for Spanish, for Portuguese, and so on) It is very expensive, if at all feasible if you want to translate the site into 30 languages.

I assume you are a lone webmaster / internet marketer or owner of a small shop. You have 1 domain. The $ 179.90 option is probably the best. It doesn’t have a .url translation option, but this option is probably a bit overrated. I am not convinced that it is of great importance for SEO as GTranslate believes.

The BUSINESS option is worth considering, but only if you have a website in a language other than English and the slug / permalink is in the local language. It will indeed look bad on Google if someone from Spain sees a Polish permalink with words they don’t understand.

If you are going to translate from English, I would choose the STARTUP option. If you decide to quit GTranslate for any reason, you will lose all translations. The biggest advantage in this case becomes the biggest disadvantage. But if you choose the GTranslate STARTUP option, it is very easy to recreate new translations using other translation programs without the need to create page redirects (301).

Why? As the links will remain standard and easy to recreate, e.g .:

To the original url link “” just add / es / “” and the domain will still be visible (if it was indexed) on google. With large pages with translated URLs, this can already be a big problem.

2 biggest advantages of GTranslate plugin

  1. Advantage 1.

    Included hosting for translated pages and displaying them quickly with good DNS servers.

    As I wrote above, the biggest advantage, the included hosting of translated pages and their fast display from fast DNS servers can be problematic if you don’t want to pay for GTranslate every year.
  2. Advantage 2 – the greatest for me

    GTranalste provides high-quality automatic translations for free. Ok, maybe not free as you pay subscription but you can use it a lot🙂

    Paid Google translation service can be very costly. Translating one page into 30 languages ​​could cost $10 via Google API. If you publish a lot of articles, the cost of buying GTranslate will quickly pay for itself. If you invest in another plugin that only manages translations and you need to use your own Google API for translation, you will quickly make a lot of costs.

Who will benefit most from GTranslate plugin:

Who should use the GTranalste plugin:

  • any website owner who wants to increase traffic to their website by appearing in local search engines from all over the world.

Who shouldn’t use GTranslate plugin:

  • first of all, not everyone needs a multilingual website. If you only operate in the local market, you don’t need to translate everything into 30 languages. If you need 2-3 languages, I would choose a different solution, e.g. TranslatePress

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