Introduction – guide to professional article rewriting to make unique content.

by | Jan 28, 2021 | ChimpRewriter, SEO

What you learn by reading this article rewriting guide?

This guide is one of the fastest ways to learn about article spinning, and how to do it right. It is short and to the point, because we know your time is valuable. There will be no fluff, just real information and actionable steps to ranking your site(s) using article spinning.

If you are already familiar with article spinning, you can skip sections (like “What is spinning?”). There will be parts of this guide way below your current level of knowledge. Just skip these parts. If you’re a newbie, never fear. You’ll be up to speed really soon.

An Introduction To Spinning and Rewriting

Article spinning and rewriting has been an effective SEO technique for years. Over that time article rewriting has attracted all kinds of opinions. Some people thought about it as the ultimate method to leverage all your article content. Some argued it is a technique used by lazy people and told nasty things about it.

Let’s get this straight. Article spinning and rewriting is still an incredibly effective technique. And done right, it always will be. The reason so many people get upset about spinning, is that it is prone to abuse. Some marketers think they can click a button and have all their content needs answered (also called automatic spinning). This is one of the best ways to get your site slapped by the search engines into oblivion. Two reasons why auto spinning alone should never be relied on:

  • Most automatically generated spin is garbage and stands out to any reader. One manual review and you are finished.
  • The ones that do make sense have such low levels of uniqueness that they can be easily identified as duplicate. Say hello to duplicate content penalties.

    Put simply: Those that think that spinning doesn’t work anymore have been doing it wrong.