ChimpRewriter and SpinRewriter comparison 2021. Which one has more options, is easier to use, faster, unique. And the better rewriter is …

If you have come across this article, it means that you are already familiar with article writing software like SpinRewriter or ChimpRewriter. You also know how they work. There are other article writing software programs, the best known of which are WordAI, The Best Spinner or SpinnerChief.

Chimp Rewriter is probably the least known of them all. I could cite and compare text translation here, but there is no point. Each of these programs will rewrite an article similarly. The English dictionaries are the same. Some programs will create new text a little better, others are a little worse.

SpinRewriter is developed in Slovenia and Chimp Rewriter in Australia. Marketing wise SpinRewriter is top notch. Chimp Rewriter has a basic website and seems to do not have such a good SEO and marketing. On ChimpRewriter main website there is marketing info as SpinRewriter alternative. This indicates that SpinRewriter is more popular software than Chimp Rewriter.

What are the differences between ChimpRewriter and SpinRewriter?

The main differences are due to the options and platforms available and of course … pricing ( as of 2021).

SpinRewriter pricing as 2021 - monthly, yearly and a lifetime paymentChimp Rewriter pricing as 2021 - monthly and yearly options
Move coursor to reveal the pricing of SpinRewriter and ChimpRewriter in 2021

But since you’ve come to this page, you probably want to know which article rewriting software is better.

Which program is better is a tough question. There are some differences between the two. Since I have used both programs I know who will be happy with SpinRewriter and who will use Chimp Rewriter.

What SpinRewriter is better at than ChimpRewriter?:

  1. The software is available online. So you can work on any system. All you need is internet access. All articles will be saved in the cloud.
  2. Easier to understand and setup as it has less options.
  3. Nice graphics, works like an app.

In the end, I will answer this. If you are a beginner and will occasionally use these programs to help you write articles and don’t like subscriptions, SpinRewriter will be better.

What ChimpRewriter is better at than SpinRewriter:

  1. the software is only available on Windows. Mac OS through virtualization.
  2. There is no cloud version as there is with SpinRewriter. This is a disadvantage, but for some, it is an advantage. No login, works very fast. Superior to SpinRewriter online version.
  3. This program will appeal to those internet marketers who need more options, like copy-writing in other languages (you can build your own dictionary for your language).
  4. Another option that is just great for working with text is a special function for rearranging bullets.

For whom will Chimp Rewriter be better? For any professional Copywriter. ChimpRewriter has tons of options, but it also takes a bit more time to learn it. It focuses on manual article spinning. It takes a little bit more time but is superior to automatic rewriting. Using Chimp Rewriter you can use variations and different versions of phrases, sentences or whole paragraphs. This way article is unique and it’s impossible for google to recognize it as a duplicate content.

Summary of comparison:

Since I do copywriting professionally for me Chimp Rewriter is better. I work on a Mac, so I have Chimp Rewriter installed via Parallels Desktop on a virtual Windows machine.

You’re probably wondering why on the main site I recommend SpinRewriter not Chimp Rewriter? For a simple reason, not everyone likes to pay a subscription and SpinRewriter is easier to use. I recommend Chimp Rewriter here:-)

Please evaluate both versions. Here you find a links to free, fully functional demos:

Video Comparison – topic rewriters vs WordAI vs SpinnerChief

Please do not take my word for it. Watch some other independent reviews and the best article spinners comparison.

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