How to build and monetize multilingual website – guide

Learn how to use simple software to automate creation of multilingual website.

Why and who should you learn this skill?

To monetize this website globally by advertising or selling ANY service or product around the world. All is automated! The idea is to automatically create a copy of one text in many (e.g. 30 languages). Additionally, in some languages a given page may be ranked higher by Google than the original page. The more people visit your website, the greater your potential earnings

If you are looking for a change and would like to try flexible business with just a laptop, this is your chance. This kind of work changed my life, now I teach others.

If you already have experience building websites, great. You can start building them and translating into other languages (go to Step 3). If you don’t know where to start, I assume you have no knowledge and should start with Step 1.


Step 1 – domain

Of course, you need a website name (domain). If you know what product or service you will be promoting, choosing a domain name is simple. If you don’t know yet, try to choose a universal name. For a multilingual website, a domain with the .com extension will be the best. However if you write in your native language and have already a local domain (i.e. in Spanish) it’s ok. Your multilingual website will be autotranslated from Spanish to any language you choose.

Where to register a domain?

I suggest or You can also buy a domain from your hosting company (Step 2)

Step 2 – hosting

Before you start building a website, you need hosting. This is a service where the hosting company will give you a place on the internet for your website. It is best to choose a company from your country so that you can easily contact the company 24/7 in case of questions / problems.

Step 3 – build a website

Now you need to build a website. If you’re not a technical person and you don’t know any coding, don’t worry. You need a good website template. I recommend Divi. You will be building a website as if it were “bricks”.

DIVI theme & builder

Divi Theme Review & Tutorials

ASTRA theme

Astra Theme Review & Tutorials

The alternative for multilingual website is Astra Theme + Elementor Page builder. I personally use Divi but Elementor seems to be more popular and some people prefer building websites using Elementor page builder.

Elementor page builder for Astra theme

Elementor Review & Tutorials

Step 4 – automatic translation

If you already have a website built, you need to translate it. The most important thing is that the translated pages are visible in search engines and indexed by them. It is crucial. The easiest and best GTranslate auto-translation plugin will help you with that. Google automatically scan and translate your page and GTranslate make sure that a duplicate page in every language is created and saved as a new page.

GTranslate multilanguage plugin

GTranslate Review & Tutorials & Tools

Step 5 – you need content

It doesn’t really matter what language you write the page in. This may be in your native language or in English. However, you do need articles for the site. They must be unique. If you care about time and not about quality, you can use the software to create new, unique texts from the existing ones. which you will find on the internet. The most popular software is SpinRewriter, WordAi, ChimpRewriter. For beginners, I suggest SpinRewriter.


spinrewriter laptop

Step 6 – inspiration

Do you need inspiration which product to promote? Would you like to learn more about internet marketing?

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Recommended themes for Multilingual Wordpress Website:

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post/video are “affiliate links” – what this means is that if you click on the link and choose to make a purchase, I will receive an affiliate commission. However, I promote only products I personally use or know they are very good.

DIVI theme & builder

Divi Theme Review & Tutorials

ASTRA theme

Astra Theme Review & Tutorials

Elementor page builder for Astra theme

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Recommended translation plugin for Multilingual Wordpress Website:

GTranslate multilanguage plugin

GTranslate Review & Tutorials & Tools

TranslatePress multilanguage plugin

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Which content rewriting plugin to choose for multilingual Wordpress website:

SpinRewriter or WordAi

Comparison and recommendation
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Recommended SEO software for Multilingual Wordpress Website:

SEO PowerSuite - marketing tool

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