Building a multilingual WordPress website.

How to create a multilingual SEO content strategy – a guide and tools.

On this page you will learn how to build an automatic multilingual website on WordPress that is SEO compatible and well indexed by google. What plugins and tools to use.

A step-by-step guide to how to build a multilingual website on WordPress to be visible worldwide.

Do you think a machine can translate into different languages as well as a real person?

Of course not.

Can a machine translate a text so well as to understand the text and its author exactly?

Of course it can. Practically all popular translators are already very good at translating. Just check the latest versions of popular automatic translators yourself.

The quality of the latter may be particularly surprising. It was with this translator that I translated this text from my native language.

How to translate a text into many other languages in the best possible quality?

If you know English well in addition to your mother tongue, then it’s great. You can improve the text while writing an article. At any time you see a preview of the translation of what you write.

Then make sure that the automatic translator will translate the text well from English back into your mother tongue. If so, you already have the text ready on the page. You can easily translate it into other languages.

The trick is that if the text is well translated from English into your native language, it will be well translated into other languages too. 😉👍


If you have the same content translated into multiple languages, it is not considered as duplicate content for Google. You should let Googlebot crawl through all the high quality translations and you can expect them to be rated in multiple Google languages. Using a canonical tag would make it impossible to place it correctly in international Google indexes.

You can even use the same content in the same language and refer it to different countries without any penalties. For example, you can launch and, which have the same content but different prices, currency and shipping options. One of these could be found on and the other on If you don’t want to buy international domains, you can use Google Webmaster Tools to set the geographical targeting of your site if they were hosted in a .com domain, subdomain, or even a folder.


New translate globe plugin

A step-by-step guide:

You can skip a task if you feel comfortable doing it or if you already have some services or tools.

If you are a beginner, don’t worry. I created this site for you.

  1. First you should purchase a hosting service to have a place to keep your website.
  2. Then install WordPress
  3. Next step is to install all the necessary tools and plugins for the site.

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